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whats that taste


What’s that taste is a podcast exactly what the name says we try different types of food and give you are opinion on it. Come on join in and see what the Tasting is all about. We try different foods from multi-cultures of food and international of foods shit that didn't make sense oh well come see what we ate on this episode yum!

phone tag news


Well, we are a podcast located in Windsor, Ontario Canada there will be more soon to check us out.

Phone tag news was inspired based on the game called the telephone.

Telephone Game Description

The telephone game is a very entertaining and enjoying social game usually played within a group of people. The game consists of a set of words or message that is passed along a line of people.

The media can be a dangerous place, in this day in age we live in a world of fake news, same stories different spin from journalist to journalist. We want to bring realism back to the media. We cover any local topic news (Windsor, Ontario) and as of 2020, we have expanded to national and North American news.

The game of telephone is a classic ice breaker and party game. It's easy to set up and a lot of fun to play. You and your friends will try to pick a word or phrase, “pass it on” by whispering it to someone next to you and have fun seeing how much it changed during the game. All you will need to play is a couple of friends, a word or phrase, and a quiet whisper.

who is that


You may well do this already, but it’s good to listen to artists at all stages in their careers being interviewed. This gives you an idea of what works, what comes across as dull and tedious, and what makes you want to listen to their music as a result of hearing them interviewed. It’ll also help you understand the kind of questions you might be asked yourself.

gee no thanks


Gee No Thanks - Powered By KICK THE MEDIA

"Wanna know that I think?

All fax. No cap.

Unfiltered opinions.

Gee, No Thanks!"

BOOM! with buffalo josh


BOOM! With Buffalo Josh is a health podcast. The reason why boom with buffalo Josh started is that over the last several years myself Josh has suffered with multiple health issues. I have been involved in multiple accidents and I am having a very hard time dealing with my daily living activities with that being said. I want to share my experience my strength and my hope with all of you and make sure you know that you’re not alone in the best part about this is I want to have a guest on my show to be able doctors nurse students that are studying get their opinion get their suggestions you know. Come on and tune in and we shall have a BOOM! of a time educating our self's.

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